Best Car Gun Safes 2019

Carrying a gun in your car can be dangerous for several reasons. Whether it be holstered to your belt or ankle, anything can happen. For these reasons, you should get yourself a car gun safe. They’re typically budget-friendly and very inexpensive.

Keeping a safety vault in your vehicle is convenient for many reasons. For example, if you have your weapon with you, you need to remember that many laws prohibit you from carrying it into churches, schools, federal buildings, etc. A car gun safe would allow you to safely store it within your vehicle while you’re running errands or picking up your kid from school.

Below you’ll find some of the best models to help you keep your gun secure when driving.

In Your Vehicle Handgun and Rifle Safes

The Best Car Pistol Safe

Hornady 98172 RAPiD Safe 2700KP Handgun Security Safe, X-Large – Safeist's Top Pick

If you have a child who’s often driving with you, this vault might be the best for you. It exceeds ASTM International safety standards for pry and child resistance. It has also been tested for lock strength during some drop/pick/saw tests.

The RAPiD safe is RFID activated by key fob, wristband or sticker opening the door instantly. However, you can also access it via a conventional key lock. The safe can be programmed with up to five RFID tags.

The box is made of thick 14-gauge steel meaning that the heavy-duty construction is virtually impossible to break in. It measures 12.7×8.7×2.9 inches with the interior measuring 9×7.7×2.2 inches allowing you to fit 4-inch revolvers and almost all 1911 pistols.

It comes with a cable that allows you to secure it into place. You can choose between AC and battery depending on your preference. Still, the safe is CA DOJ approved and met TSA requirements for safety in checked luggage.

The box comes with RFID wristband, two stickers, and a key fob. You also get two keys for emergency access.

Gunbunker GS-1 Car, Motorcycle, Truck, Home Gun Safe

GS-1 is among the best boxes you can get for storing your weapon in tracks and motorcycles as well as cars. It’s versatile allowing you to mount it horizontally or vertically depending on the space in your vehicle.

It’s built from 16-gauge steel that’s also powder coated for extra security. Its interior is lined with full foam to keep your firearm secure and protected during transport of any kind. Overall, it measures 2.5 x 6.5 x 6.62 inches in total.

GS-1 comes with two security keys, and it’s the only way to open it. However, if you want more than just one, you can get them all to open with the same key if you want. A security cable is also included for you to secure the vault into place, so nobody can carry it out of your vehicle.

It meets all the TSA airline requirements, and it’s pry-resistant.

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SnapSafe Combination Lockbox, X-Large 75240

This multi-purpose box measures 10 x 7 x 2 inches in total and is ideal for storing your guns, cash, documents of value, jewelry, and much more. Though it’s designed to be used in cars, you can easily keep it at home in a drawer of your nightstand, for example.

It features a combination lock for ultimate security where you get to pick your 3-digit combination entry. The safe is built from 16-gauge steel that’s CA DOJ approved. It meets all TSA airline guidelines, too.

This lockbox comes with a 1500 lb. rated cable allowing you to secure it into place. It’s recommended you use it when carrying and transporting the weapon to make sure nobody can steal it. The interior is lined with four foam inserts that are thick and protective keeping your guns from scratching or damaging in any way.

Overall, it’s a handy vault but be careful with your PIN code because there aren’t any alternative ways of accessing it.

Bulldog Cases Car Safe with Key Lock

This is one of the most affordable options on the market. It’s durable, long-lasting and secure for keeping all kinds of guns and valuables.

It comes with a mounting bracket and a cable for extra security. It has hinges built on the inside making it almost impossible to pry open. You should install the bracket in any location you want but make sure you can easily slide the box in and out of it.

There’s only one way to open it, and it’s with the included key. This is convenient since you won’t have to remember any PIN codes though you’ll have to remember where you keep the key as you’ll need it to get the vault out of the bracket.

It’s compact and won’t take up much of the space in your car. However, you can easily store a 9mm pistol and possibly a spare mag. Larger guns probably won’t fit, and there’s not much space for any other valuable items.

SentrySafe Pistol Safe, Portable Gun Safe PP1K

This is a one-gun box lined with foam on the inside for extra protection from damage and scratching. It’s made of solid steel and is pry-resistant.

Though it’s completely portable, the safe comes with a cable allowing you to secure it into place. This prevents the box from tumbling during the ride and helps against any unauthorized access.

It unlocks with the included key which is the only way to access it so make sure to remember where you keep it. The box looks like any other regular briefcase with a carrying handle.

It’s compact which means easy storage under the driver’s seat or pretty much anywhere else. Weighing only 8 pounds, the vault is ideal for car storage. This SentrySafe model is CA DOJ approved.

GunVault NV300

This is a very simple, easy-to-use vault that fits almost anywhere in your car. It’s easy to conceal it, and you can secure it into place with the included cable. Use it to anchor the vault down so nobody can steal it.

It’s not the most pry-resistant device, but it does a fair job when you need something to transfer a gun in.

It opens with a 3-digit combination you choose. Though this is among the easiest ways, make sure not to forget the PIN because there aren’t any other ways to access the vault.

The casing is built from 18-gauge steel with an interior lined with ½’’ thick foam. This prevents the weapon from scratching and damaging during transportation.

Because it weighs only slightly more than 3 pounds, the vault is easy to carry in a bag and suitcase with ease, too. It meets all TSA airline guidelines.

GunVault MV500 Microvault Pistol Gun Safe

The MV500 should fit under your seat easily, and it’s ideal to keep a single gun, and a few other small items such as a knife or an extra magazine. In other words, it’s compact, but with still enough space for a few handy things.

It opens with a digital keypad combination, but unlike most models, this one also comes with a backup key. What’s interesting is the “no-eyes” system that allows you to open the vault without looking. This is ideal for emergency situations when you need quick access. The system features four finger slots that help you position your fingers the right way without looking.

This is their original system that gives you over 12 million access code combinations. Entering a pattern instead of a digit-code, allows you to make unique combinations. This way, the vault is more challenging to break in. Plus, you also get a security cable to anchor it into place.

First Alert RA31524 Portable Handgun or Pistol Safe

Interestingly, this vault features a similar locking system to the GunVault MV500. It unlocks with a combination pattern instead of a digit code. The “no-eyes” system allows you to select three to eight digits for accessing without looking.

This one is built of 18-gauge steel that’s powder coated. It’s durable and heavy-duty, so it’s virtually impossible to break it apart. The doors are spring-loaded which helps with quick access especially useful in emergency situations.

Its interior is lined with foam that keeps the gun in place. This prevents any damages or scratches during rides and transportation. Plus, the cable it comes with is perfect to lock it into place to prevent anyone from possibly stealing.

The box is compact and easy to conceal under your seat, for example. However, due to the size, you cannot fit more than a single weapon in it.

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The Best Car Rifle Safe

SnapSafe 75405 - Safeist's Top Pick

If you have a rifle, you’re going to need something larger than the ones we talked about in the above. Consider the SnapSafe 75405 vault. It’s considered a multi-use box ideal for storing firearms, tools, documents, equipment, and much more. The exterior measures 42x7x13 inches.

Built from 13-gauge steel exterior and 6-gauge steel door, this one is pry-resistant. It keeps all your belongings away from kids and any unauthorized people. The 3-foot cable it comes with allows you to secure it into place preventing possible theft. Its interior is padded, so all the items are safely stored.

It unlocks with a 3-8 digits lock combination though you also get a set of keys. Having more than just one way of accessing is handy and convenient especially if the batteries die.

One thing you have to keep in mind is that the vault is large and heavy. More so, once you put a rifle in there along with other valuables, it will become that much heavier. Though this makes theft highly unlikely, it also makes it difficult for you to carry it in and out your truck by yourself.

Buyer's Guide to Purchasing a Car Gun Safe

Pros of Owning a Car Gun Safe

As we mentioned above, you probably won’t be able to carry your gun everywhere with you. So, when you want to go into a post office, you’ll need to leave the gun in your car. This is where the car gun safe comes into play. Here are some of the most significant pros:

  • Ideal For Traveling – if you’re going on a vacation with your family, the last thing you want is an unprotected gun in the car. To make sure nobody can get their hands on your weapon, it’s best you keep it safely locked away in a safe especially built for transportation.
  • Suitable For Airplanes – most vaults are TSA approved for checked luggage so you can safely carry the guns in airplanes, too.

Cons of Owning a Car Gun Safe

Every product comes with advantages and disadvantages so you should always consider both. Here are some setbacks you should remember:

  • Compact size – in most cases, these vaults are small and compact. Though they are easy to conceal anywhere in your car, most can’t keep more than a single gun. Our recommendation? Try buying a under-bed safe you can fit in the trunk of your car!
  • Possible theft – unless you use a security cable, anyone can just walk away with the safe. All vaults are accessible with enough time and the right tools, so make sure to get only the one that can be secured into your car.

Safeist's Final Verdict and Thoughts

If you think about carrying your weapons anywhere, we recommend you have a gun safe to store it away. All states have different laws, but almost all forbid you from bringing guns into certain buildings.

Plus, you can’t just keep a firearm casually lying in the vehicle. It’s best that it’s secured and locked away from children or anyone else for that matter.

We chose our top picks based on overall pry-resistance and general ease of use. These are durable vaults virtually impossible to break in without the PIN code or a key.

Before you make the final decision, make sure you’ve considered all the pros and cons of having a gun safe in your car. Think about what kind would be the best for the firearm and vehicle you have so you can choose the most suitable one. Check out some of our portable biometric gun safes you could carry in your car as well!